Renowned photographer Gail Goodwin masterfully captures the magic and whimsy of childhood. Her use of film photography and hand coloring, coupled with a keen eye for period set design and flare for fashion, result in luminous vintage style images. 

From an early age, Gail knew she wanted to be an artist. Her first creative endeavor was drawing pictures with her father at her childhood home in Southern California, which inspired her to study art. In high school Gail experimented hand-coloring black & white photographs pioneering her own award-winning style of hand-tinted photography. She studied at the Brooks Institute of Photography and Cal Arts, where she learned formal composition and technique.

In 1977, Gail began her professional career while working for a relief agency in Guatemala, where she documented relief aid following a devastating earthquake. It was here that she discovered her love for photographing children, observing how even in the direst of times their young hopes and dreams triumphed through the camera lens. Gail’s greatest inspiration, however, originates from watching her own children grow. 

For 30 years, Gail’s ethereal photographs grace everything from posters to greeting cards and have garnered an international following of dedicated fans. She is the author of two books, Fabulous Friends and Dream It. Dare It. Do It. Her images evoke the sweet playfulness, innocence, and nostalgia of childhood, and burst with love, power, and the joys of friendship. 

Gail lives in Marin County, a charming enclave north of San Francisco. She is currently available for portrait sessions, and her original images are available for purchase or licensing

“In taking photographs, you are presented the opportunity to capture a moment in time, and you must intuitively know when to participate and when to observe, that’s the moment of creativity.”

~Gail Goodwin

In the 30-year span of her career, Gail’s images have become some of the best recognized in American culture. Her images are a reminder to laugh, to love, and to celebrate the gift of friendship, every day. Her images grace everything from cards, stationary, calendars, and posters to hatboxes, wallpaper, puzzles and gift books. Gail is the author of two books, Fabulous Friends, and Dream it. Dare it. Do it. Gail is currently available for portrait sessions and her original images are available for purchase or licensing

Gail lives in a charming enclave of the San Francisco Bay Area in Marin County.